Quotes Thanks for the first day of our tour. The Angkor Temples & the floating village along with your expert knowledge made it an enjoyable day & experience. Looking forward to tomorrow's tour! Quotes
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Quotes Lux, was our Cambodian tour guide for this trip. He is a man who has great passion for his country and to share to people the wonders that surrounds it, not only in Siem Reap but Cambodia in nature (people, food and culture.) He always makes sure he shares to people the reality that surrounds the people of Cambodia which most majority of tourists do not see. What more can I say about him. He's one of the top notch guide which I would definately recommend to my friends and family and of course for my next trip to Cambodia again! Quotes
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Quotes Lux was strongly recommended by a friend whom had been to Siem reap twice. I was glad I took his advice as Lux was a friendly, helpful and really really fun guy. He spiced up our entire cambodia adventure. Lux speaks fluent English, hence made us understand the history of Siem Reap better. Besides, he is also very considerate in arranging our schedule and transportation. He showed us the true colors of Siem Reap and the traditional culture of it. i've recommended Lux to other friends whom visited Siem Reap, they all came back with a thumb up for him. Quotes
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Quotes Had a wonderful tour of all the temples Lux was very informative and has a great knowledge of the history etc. He was so good that 3 different lots of people tried to either tag onto our tour or steal him away! Quotes
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Quotes I have known Lux since first travelling to Siem Reap some 5 years ago when I was referred to him by my Daughter in Law who lives in Singapore. Since that time I have made many visits to Cambodia and have always used Lux's great services whenever I have travelled through that country. I will shortly be visiting his beautiful country again and have already completed the most important part of my trip in contacting Lux to organise my next visit. To not use Lux's services when travellling to Cambodia would be a serious mistake. Quotes
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Quotes Ngoun Sominea (aka Lux) is a fantastic guide! I highly recommend him for a truly customized, personal touch that will create memories of a lifetime. Go to Cambodia! Quotes
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Quotes We went to Siem Reap as a group of young 20 somethings, and Lux was the perfect tour guide. He's knowledgeable and funny, but the best part is just that he goes above and beyond what you would expect from a regular tour guide. For example, on top of the touristic spots he also showed us the local spots so that we could see a glimpse of what life was really like there. One night we asked to see the nightlife so he took us to a local Cambodian club until 3am, and at 7am, he came right back to pick us up to show us the sunrise over Angkor Wat. That's dedication! Quotes

Quotes "He is one of the best guide in town, you'll meet if you go to Angkor Wat. Knowledgeable, friendly and easy going is him" Quotes

Quotes "I had used services of Ngoun as he was recommended by good friend and it was a very good experience and he promptly communicated well before the trip over emails and I was glad to meet his cousin bro , who helped me in the different city with travel plans. He became more of a friend than a guide .I have been to differenent places in the world ,but never used guides , but I think this was a very good idea to take his services , as it was very helpful and had a great trip. I hope to see him again someday and we can chill out ... Do take his expert advice if you plan a trip there......." Quotes
Nikhil Lakhiani

Quotes "A very responsible person" Quotes
Ooi Fang Aik
Expert, On Time, High Integrity